Cohort Z

Teaching and preparing the next generation of young men at Grace to be leaders

using relational elders training and numerous other resources.

Grow Z

Cohort Z is a group of young men taught by Pastor Mark.  They are trying to raise money to buy a grow tower.  The grow tower is a new innovative way to grow vegetables, inside, year round.  Their goal is to help out the elderly in our community and anyone else in need.  They also aim to share the Gospel with anyone they come in contact with through this project.  In order to raise funds to purchase the tower they are having a number of fundraisers.  They are also doing yard work, helping with fire wood, etc. for donations.  If interested please contact Elijah Long by email at or by calling 509-493-1753 to coordinate.   

  • Tuesday nights meeting at grace 6:30pm

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    Led by Pastor Mark

    This group is open to junior high and high school young men.  Dads are encouraged to participate as opportunities arise. 

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