Mission To Mexico aka M2M

M2M 2021 is coming!  Mission week is set for June 14th!

This year's mission is different than previous years so please plan to attend an information meeting either in person here at Grace or by zoom.  

Information meetings:  January 11th & 25th at 7pm

Grace:  in CE1

Zoom:  click here to send an email to Grace to request zoom info.

2020 Recap:  Grace Baptist has partnered with Amor Ministries for a number of years now providing a home for a family in need in Mexico and offering a great short term mission opportunity.  

M2M 2020 is cancelled at this time due to COVID-19.  Here's some info from Dan Underwood our mission team leader:

As many of you have heard the Mission Journey to Mexico that Grace Baptist leads has been cancelled. This is a great disappointment for everyone involved as this has been a highlight in the year for so many people for so many reasons. But, there is good news so read on! First and foremost this mission provides housing and homes for families in need, secondarily as a great opportunity for a short term mission experience. Each year we have partnered with AMOR Ministries. They do a great job of paving the way for us by organizing the in-country piece of this journey. This year the Mission to provide housing in Mexico has taken a turn. We are still very involved with the mission,  however this year God has a different plan for how to provide housing to two separate families.  Since we are unable to go ourselves, the funds that have been raised will be used to procure materials and enable AMOR to hire local labors and use AMOR staff to perform the actual builds.  That's right, God will still be supplying the families in waiting with homes.


AMOR will be keeping us up to date on the house builds and I will pass on the information as it becomes available. I want to thank everyone for their amazing support of this mission over the last 5 years. You are all truly amazing vessels that God uses to provide the prayer and support making this journey possible.  


In the mean time, there is still much work to be done and our prayers are needed. Please be praying for:

  • The families that will be receiving homes. This is truly life changing for the families as the houses provides not only shelter but a place called home where the community of family can flourish. 
  • The AMOR staff. They are in a very difficult position with nearly all of the mission journeys cancelled due to the virus. God's alternate plan truly challenges and impacts them. Their need for God's strength has never been greater.
  • The local Ministerial staff. The homes are used by the local evangelical pastors as places to share the Gospel and grow the community of faith. May God use them as good shepherds.
  • The local laborers. That the work would be done well and with safety. That the grace of God would show through and hearts would be softened.
  • That in all things God's will will be done. We serve a mighty God who is not surprised or caught off guard by a virus and has provided for his people in ways we could never predict.

Good Job Church!  Praise God through whom all blessing flow! 

Mission to Mexico