Discussion Questions

Matthew King-Messiah


God Who Condemns

Matthew 21:18-27

• What is condemnation?

• What is condemnation taken to its Logical conclusion?

• What is condemnation taken to its Theological conclusion?

• Why did Jesus curse the fig tree?

• What object lesson did Jesus draw from the fig tree?

• What did the chief priests and elders ask Jesus about?

• How did Jesus’ answer?

• How did the chief priests and elders respond?

• What was Jesus’ reply?

• What is Jesus communicating here?

• How are Jesus cursing the fig tree and the chief priests’ question really about the same thing?

• How is this related to Jesus teaching on prayer in Matthew


• What is the connection between lack of faith, unbelief, perversity and condemnation?

• What does the placement of the fig tree within the narrative signify?

• What should we, personally, take away from the story of Jesus cursing the fig tree?

• What does it mean to worship a God who condemns?